Why choose IRGIB-Africa?

The Regional Institute of Industrial Engineering, Biotechnology and Applied Sciences (IRGIB-Africa) is a delocalized, neutral and open training and research center, authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Benin.

Besides the initial professional training handed out to students and workers of the private and public sector, IRGIB-Africa also contributes to promote the spirit of research and excellence in scientific, technological and economic sectors within the ECOWAS and African region. That is why we lay a great emphasis on the professionalization of courses.


Crossroads of all due considerations of human, economic, financial and industrial evolution, IRGIB-Africa’s motto is “With faith in God and fraternity, we learn to rise, we rise to defeat under-development.”


IRGIB-Africa provides its learners with trainings totally in accordance with the international standards in order to facilitate mobility and secure the transfer of technologies and various contemporary managerial concepts.


Modern management and merchandising techniques, advanced computer technologies and their various applications, production and analytical biotechnologies, pharmaceutical sciences and the new agribusiness concepts will remain our priorities for the next ten year.


In order to attain its goals, IRGIB-Africa has acquired relevant infrastructures:


We have at our disposal a multipurpose expertise and analysis lab of a very high standing, the first of its kinds in the sub-region. There you can find materials and equipments such: chromatograph HRMS, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS), DNA sequencing and amplification device.


Our teachers and researchers intervene in strategic communication and analysis labs.


In addition, we have electronics and networking labs and laboratories of artificial intelligence, software engineering and related disciplines