In order to carry out the trainings and researches successfully, IRGIB-Africa has important and skillful human resources made up of international as well as local researchers intervening in the laboratories teams:



-Laboratory of electronics and network, artificial intelligence, software engineering and associated disciplines.

-Application laboratories of strategic communication and economic Intelligence

-Application laboratory of Industrial Marketing, advertising, and commercial acts, human and material resources management, creation and management of sale forces

-Biophysics, Industrial Chemistry and Bio Engineering Processes Laboratories.

-Analytical chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory.

-Laboratories of biotechnology, bio diagnostics and molecular biology (genetics, serology, hematology, microbiology, parasitological, bacteriology, histo-embryology).

-Pharmaceutical Engineering and Pharmaco-technology laboratory

Thanks to these laboratories IRGIB-Africa has a comfortable position on several theaters of interventions and activities.

IRGIB-Africa is also the first institute of Engineering Training whose diplomas in biological, chemistry and food processing sciences have been approved and referenced by “CAMES”.