2015-2016 Academic Session into Batch-A




Admission into the 2015/2016 Academic Session for Batch-A, B & C is in progress: 


Industrial Engineering in:

  BSc. IE. Merchandising (BBA)

     - Business Administration (Multi-Competence)

                   - Management in Human Resources

                   - Marketing

                   - Accounting

      - Management in International Relations (MIR)

      - Mass Communication


BSc. IE. Communication and Information Technology (CIT)

      - Communications & Information Technology

         Courses included in CIT

                      - Telecommunication 

                      - Network Administration

                      - Software Engineering


BSc. IE. Processes of Production, Analysis and Expertise (PPAE)

    - Industrial Productions Processes

     - Expertise and Analysis Processes


  BSc. (Economics)

 BSc. (LAW)

     - Political Science

     - International Relations


All interested candidates should please visit the Admissions section for general

requirements for seeking admission into IRGIB-Africa University.



Admission Deadlines

You are strongly advised to apply as early as possible for priority processing. We

strongly advice that submission of applications be done as early as possible following

the different resumption dates for Batches A, B and C. We will consider late

applications on a space-available basis.